Fitness Club

The WHY of the Sharp Fitness Club


I had always wanted to do the 11km Sutherland to Surf Fun Run/Walk but never got around to doing it - so in January 2019 I made it one of my fitness goals.  

Although doing the Sutherland to Surf was mostly about doing something I wanted to do for a long time, I also wanted to enjoy the experience of setting a goal and training for the race.


Which got me thinking  ………. 


This had been something I wanted to do for a long time but never got around to it.  Did anyone else feel the same way? Did anyone else have a fun run/walk they have always wanted to do but for whatever reason never have?   Perhaps we could start a ‘club’ to help people reach a goal and do that something they always wanted too?   Thus the Sharp Fitness Club was born.

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> Do you have a big hairy audacious fitness goal you have never got around to achieving?

> Are you interested in joining a running club that will help and support your fitness goals?

> Are you interested in training for and completing in fun runs?


The Sharp Fitness Club is at no cost if you are coming to classes regularly.  We will meet once or twice a month for an informal running session and we use Strava as an online platform.


I will regulary post to Strava where;


  • I will provide you with fitness and nutrition tips,

  • You will be able to upload or log your runs, 

  • You can ask questions and seek advice, 

  • Set the occasional challenge for you to complete.


I look forward to training with you and moving towards our goals,



Wingello Trail Run 31-08-19 IMG_5424 (cr
SF Bundy Social Run 02-03-19 20190302_08